Juan Sebastian Madrid


Signed by: CF Baranquilla

2nd position: Left Back

Nationality: Colombia

DOB: 30.01.2002

Height: 1.86m

Weight: 75kg

Foot: Left

International: Colombia U18 [C]

Contract: Free transfer


El Capitan. Left central defender of Colombia U17 / U18.


Full name Juan Sebastian Madrid Cabarcas. He is the captain of the prestige team of Colombia U18 and selected by Arturo Reyes for the Sub20. Sudamericana. Madrid played at the highest level for CF Baranquilla already at a very young age. He plays with great composure, great vision, stamina and pass quality at all distances.

Madrid has a reasonable height for a centre-back and with a reasonable body mass ratio that can still build more muscle and improve his strength. Very good agility and coordination, with a good pace at all distances. Good jumping with good mindset for the aerial duels. Good ability to change pace.

He is a concentrated player with a good reading of the game and anticipation. Aggressive player with good rate of individual and collective work. Madrid is a leader in the back, always organizing his team.

When the team has possession: Madrid is comfortable with the ball, with good coordination and technique. He doesn’t fear the pressure from the opposing forwards and in those situations he remains focused revealing a good composure. Good pass quality at all distances he reads well the inner lines of pass and is capable of deliver well-timed passes to his teammates in those positions.

When the team does not have possession: Aggressive player but usually in a smart way, understanding the tackling timings. He has speed and is a reliable defender. Thus he can improve his strength to deal better with the strongest strikers. He is concentrated all the time and with his good positioning he can anticipate the opponent’s movements fairly well. Because of that he is able to clear much of the opponents’ offensive game. Good depth coverage with good pace at all distances. Good jumping and header, although he is not the tallest centre-back.

DEFENSIVE TRANSITIONS: Good reaction to the loss of the ball with good reading and positioning. He is among the first trying to recover the ball.

OFFENSIVE TRANSITIONS: He usually decides well the transition and plays it safe for a teammate to remove the ball from the pressure zone or plays a long ball to his attackers.

- (Attacking): Usually inside the 18-yard box to a possible header.
- (Defending): Usually man marking inside the 18-yard area.

Madrid needs to remains focused in his path and works hard he can become a good player for a club competing in the better leagues of Europe.