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Rifet Kapic


Signed by: SC Paderborn 07

On loan at: Sheriff Tiraspol

Nationality: Bosnia-Herzegovina

DOB: 03.07.1995

Height: 1.79m

Foot: Left

Contract: 30.06.2022

Award winning left footed midfielder of SC Paderborn 07.


Kapic plays as a midfielder in a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 tactical formation. He stands out as a technical player with a fantastic left foot, a good reading of the game and decision making, good shot and cross and also because of his good pass quality at all distances.

Kapic performances at Sheriff Tiraspol in 2018 were quite remarkable. He was voted 18x Player of the Week, Best Player 2017/2018 with 1 goal in the Europa League, 2 assists in the Champions League Qualifiers and contributed to the Championship of Moldavia with 3 goals + 7 assists in the competition. Followed by another very successful loan spell to FK Sarajevo with 2 assists in the competition and 2 goals in the Cup of which 1 in the final winning the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Cup in 18/19 and winning the competition. In summer 2019, SC Paderporn 07 signed him, but it was again Sheriff Tiraspol asking for his services. 


  • Player with a reasonably good body mass ratio that feels comfortable in the physical duels.

  • Good agility and coordination, with reasonably good pace at all distances.

  • Reasonably good jumping with a good mindset for the air duels.

  • A good ability to change pace.


  • Concentrated player with good reading of the game and anticipation.

  • Aggressive player with a good rate of individual and collective work.

  • Very good leadership skills and a very ambitious person.



When the team has possession: Good off-the-ball movements, Kapic moves himself throughout the field with good timings. He is a player that feels comfortable receiving the ball facing the game to think the team’s build-up. He can also receive the ball in inner and deep positions. Under pressure he playes it simple, quick movements and usually to the nearest teammate and the ones facing the game, but with space he is a very dangerous player as he linked flanks easily with good long passes to his forward teammates or full-backs, or created danger assisting a teammate in the depth with well-timed through passes or well places shots. His approach to finishing areas is really good.

When the team does not have possession: He is always concentrated, anticipating the opponents’ movements very well. He understands well what to do and when to do it, revealing a good intelligence in the team’s needs. Kapic has a good aggressive attitude, he has a reasonably good pace, strength, agility and a reasonably good 1v1 defensive technique that turns him into a reliable recover. Reasonably good header and jumping.

Defensive Transitions: Good reaction to the loss of the ball, he is among the first trying to recover possession, and he also has a good reading of the game and anticipation that allows him to recover important possessions.


Offensive Transition: He decides well the transition and plays it safe for a teammate to remove the ball from the pressure zone.

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