Nanan Koffi Landry Houssou


Signed by: ASI Abengourou (1st division)

Nationality: Ivory Coast

DOB: 28.12.2000

Height: 1.78m

Foot: Right / good left

International: Ivory Coast U20

Contract: Loan + option €100.000 + small %

Bright talent of Ivory Coast U20. Type like Moussa Sissoko.


Landry plays as a number #6 / #8 in varies formations. He is a player with an excellent ambidexterity and composure under pressure, good reading of the game and decision making. Powerful in 1v1 defensive technique and recovery of ball possession. Selected more than 4x in the Best Eleven of Ivory Coast 1st division.


Landry has a very good body mass ratio, strong in the physical duels. Good agility and coordination with a good pace at all distances. A good mindset for the air duels.


He is a concentrated player with very good reading of the game and anticipation. Aggressive player with a good rate of individual and collective work. Reasonably good leadership skills.



When the team has possession: He tries to be a reference on the team’s build-ups always giving a good line of pass, he makes vertical movements, leads the (counter) attacks and he is a player with good off-the-ball movements trying to find the right space to receive the ball. He can also appear inside the opponents’ 18-yard area and if he receives in a good position he can easily finish with good composure.


However, he usually receives facing the game and it’s in this situation that he can bring more danger, as with space, he thinks and executes very well delivering pinpoint passes to all distances, and always with a vertical intention. However, he is also very good playing in tight spaces, mainly by one-two combinations, because he has an excellent ambidexterity and composure, and good vision and reading of game, anticipating fairly well the next play.

When the team does not have possession: He plays very concentrated, anticipating the moves very well, so, in general, he understands well what to do and when to do it. A good intelligence and he also has a very good aggressive attitude! Moves with pace and strength. With his good 1v1 defensive technique he is capable of recovering a lot of possession. He can still improve his tackling timings though.

DEFENSIVE TRANSITIONS: Good reaction to the loss of the ball, he is usually among the first to press the opponents, especially when he is the one who loses possession.

OFFENSIVE TRANSITIONS: He usually decides well the transition and plays it safe for a teammate to remove the ball from the pressure zone.


- (Attacking): Usually inside the 18-yard box for the possible finish.

- (Defending): Usually man marking inside the 18-yard area.

Landry needs to remains focused in his path and work hard to improve, then he can become a good player for a club competing in a major European League.