Pedro Pelágio


Second position: CM

Signed by: CS Marítimo

Nationality: Portugal

DOB: 21.04.2000

Height: 1.82m

Foot: Right

International: Portugal U20

Contract: 30.06.2025

20 years old DM and Captain of Marítimo and Portugal U20.



A hometown boy, Pedro Pelágio was born and raised in Funchal in the Madeira island, the residence of CS Marítimo. Football-wise, the Portuguese defensive midfielder is also a CS Marítimo-homegrown player, having never played for another club. He made his debut at 18-years old for CS Marítimo senior side, playing 12 matches in his first season, adding another 16 games and 1.100 minutes in 2020. This season hes the captain of his team playing 14 games thus far.


Standing at 1.82m, Pelágio is the prototype of the tall, aggressive but technically well-rounded defensive midfielder, not afraid to carry the ball, to pass it or do any other action that serves his team’s build-up. Off the ball, he has an astute sense of positioning and never shies away from ball disputes, many times showing his value in breaking the opposition’s transition or covering for his attacking teammates in defensive actions, be it in anticipation or any other type of more direct challenge to the opposing player who carries the ball.


Pelágio is a player with a very good body mass ratio. Powerful in the physical duels. Good agility and coordination, with reasonably good pace at all distances. Good jumping with very good mindset for the aerial duels.


He is a concentrated player with good reading of the game and anticipation. Destructive and aggressive with very good rate of individual and collective work. Strong leadership skills and a determined person. He does the job.



When the team has possession: Good off-the-ball movements and appears in the right time at the right spot. With no pressure he executes well revealing good reading of the game and good pass quality at all distances. Good reading of inner lines of pass, if he has space he can easily assist a teammate in those positions. Under pressure he reads his options very fast and has a good anticipation to prepare the possible opponents’ pressure from his blind side. Good long passes to switch flanks and through passes to his forward teammates. Reasonably good shot that he can still improve.

When the team does not have possession: An aggressive player with good understanding of the tackling timings. Strong in the 1v1 duels, he has good aggressive attitude, agility, pace and strength. Concentrated he anticipates the opponents’ movements, has a good positioning, so, because of that, he is capable of clearing much of the opponents’ offensive game. Good depth coverage with a reasonably good pace at all distances. Good jumping and header.

DEFENSIVE TRANSITIONS: Good reaction to the loss of the ball with good aggressive attitude, and good recovery of his position.

OFFENSIVE TRANSITIONS: He usually decides well the transition and plays it safe for a teammate to remove the ball from the pressure zone.


- (Attacking): Usually inside the 18-yard box for the possible finish.

- (Defending): Usually man marking inside the 18-yard area.