About Sportfront

Sportfront is an international sports agency and our consultants manage the professional careers of soccer players worldwide. We advise players, coaches and football clubs.


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Years of Experience

Our company

Since the 1980's, our consultants have negotiated contracts for the world's best: Marco Tardelli, Paul Gascoigne, Ivan Zamorano, Hernan Crespo, Asamoah Gyan, Mario Gomez, Ivan Rakitic and a myriad of others. We remember one highlight year in which 72 player contracts and transfers valued 630 million US Dollar. Our staff is in 14 countries, but operating worldwide on a daily basis for our clients.

The key to our success issues from the ties we have established with players and clubs over the years. Personal relationships, professional relationships and a superlative understanding of the complex world of football are our specialty.

We know what professional soccer players and young emerging talents need: competent support in all areas of life. we offer the required support not only on the field but also off the field, this ensures that our players are able to completely focus on what they like best: playing soccer.

Milestones Sportfront Team Member

  • In 2001, Fioranelli’s first company enters onto the London Stock Exchange
  • Sportfront staff finalized international transfers and contracts in 51 countries
  • In the space of one year, Sportfront members concluded player contracts and transfers valued at USD 630 million
  • Record year boasts 72 player contracts and or transfers
  • Sportfront sets its sights on international stadium projects

Our company

The story behind Sportfront began in Switzerland. Until today, Sportfront expanded it’s network around the globe – our employees concluded national and international transfers and contracts in over 50 countries. In 2001, Fioranelli’s company was allowed to the London Stock Exchange (FOOTSIE). The company grew constantly since then and operated successful: The consultants of Sportfront were able to conclude player contracts (transfers and employment) valuing USD 630 million through 72 player contracts and/or transfers in only one year. To keep the company vital, we set new milestones and adjust our benchmark year after year to ensure the future success.

Milestones Sportfront Team Member

  • 2001 Fioranelli’company was brought unto the London Stock Exchange (FOOTSIE)
  • Sportfront staff concluded national & international transfers and contracts in 51 countries
  • In 1 year members of Sportfront concluded player contracts (transfers and employment)  valuing USD 630 million.
  • Concluded in one year 72 player contracts and or transfers
  • Many more benchmarks to reach

Services …

… For Players

  • Consulting
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Transfer Intermediation Services
  • Player Family Consultations
  • Legal, Financial, Insurance & Career-Planning Assistance
  • Market Exposure (Media & Public Relations)
  • Arranging Sportswear Sponsors for Players, e.g.: Nike, Adidas, Puma

… For Clubs

  • International Scouting Services
  • Intermediation Services for Football Clubs
  • Intermediation for Transfer Rights Financing
  • Market Exposure for Players
  • Organization of International Training Camps
  • Event Management
  • Opponent Match Analysis and Player Performance Reports
Financial Consulting Services:
  • Francesco Mazza, CIWM (eidg. dipl. Finanz- und Anlageexperte), Bank Vontobel AG

Legal Advisory Services:
  • Franz Szolansky, Bratschi Wiederkehr & Buob AG, Zurich
  • Prof. Avv. Paco D'Onofrio, Aggregato presso l'Università degli Studi di Bologna

Marketing Partner:
  • Complemedia AG, St Gallen

Stadium Constructions Advisory Services:
  • Hellmich Unternehmungsgruppe, Dinslaken (GER)